Tribostatic guns are especially suitable for difficult coating jobs where there are many recesses or empty spaces, and powder sprayed by corna guns wouldn't penetrate without manual touch-up, or would mainly pass through the work without going onto the pieces. Little manual touch-up is needed and the consumption of powder is on average 20% lower than with corona guns.


Weight of tribostatic Gun :1kg

Spray head:with 16 spray nozzles (round spray nozzles or flat spray nozzles)

Tribostatic voltage:10KV-40KV

Power:110V or 220V,50/60HZ

Voltage Display: LED

Air Pressure 5-7kg/cm²

powder absorption efficiency 60-90%

Powder output quantity :350g/min

Powder Hose: 5meters(inside diameter 12mm,outside diameter 18mm)

Packaging Detail: carton with foam 10kgs per set packing sizes:38x 48x 22cm