Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator( automatic gun lifter)

Main Data

Model: WX-SJ2000

Power of motor:750W

Reduction rate of reducer:1:15

Output power:380V AC(50-60Hz)

Upward -downward speed:8mm—750mm/s (can be controlled by program)

Bearing capacity: 6 automatic guns at most

Stroke length:2.0m(1.5m,2.5m,3m...can be customized )

Net weight:175kg

Packing dimension:262 x 81 x 81cm


1) easily adjustable stroke length & speed to suit production needs.

2) Precise speed & stroke length

3) Increased production & quality coating.

4) Exact stroke length adjustment reduces paint / powder / wastage.

5) Reduces maintenance-only cleaning and lubrication is required periodically.

6) Minimizes labor cost.

7) Electronically controlled smooth reversing reduces gun vibration.

Packing List

Reciprocator 1

User Manual 1

Power Line 1

Aluminum alloy cross rod 1

Aluminum alloy gun rod 4

Aluminum alloy fixing clamp(Include Screws)4

Reciprocator movable track 2