The Company

MAX POWDER COATINGS (VIET NAM), formerly HUE PHAT COATING TECHNOLOGIES Co.,Ltd, is a professional Vocs free coatings manufacturer based in the Southern Vietnam. The comany was founded in 2012 and first launched its excellent, well managed thermosetting powder coating  manufacturing facility conformable with ISO 9001-2015 by UKAS (United Kingdom). Focussing on one of the fastest growing coatings industries in the world, the BoM and their team are inspired to build a series of brand to provide customers with complete metal finishing solutions. ie MAXPOWDER for super quality Thermo Powder, MAXLINE for outstanding turnkey coating line and equipments, MAXCOAT for professional Metal finishing service that totally match AAMA2604, AAMA2605. While, most of our brands are set to present at numerous oversea market including Russia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Algeria, Phillipines etc.


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Vision and Mission
To be a leading manufacturer that serves customers with environmental friendly products, heartfelt service and dedication towards value enhancement for sustainable business. Concentrating in productivity, continuously developed to maintain excellent quality and most advanced finishing technology that meet customers’ inquiry.

Connect to your Values
We are dedicated to providing customers with outstanding quality powder that’s conformable with ASTM, ISO. Developing one of the widest ranges of powder with colors, effects and properties to reach most specific requirement as well as to ensure customer satisfaction, profitability and the future of our growth.