Bếp Hồng Ngoại

Thương hiệu: Sunsrays gas infrared burner
Model : GR-1602
Kích thước (D*R*C): 560x135x185
Nhiệt lượng (kcal/giờ): 5400
Mức tiêu thụ gas LPG (Kg/giờ): 0.46 kg
Trọng lượng (kg): 8 kg
Nhiên liệu: LPG / LNG
Coating industry: Forging heat coating, liquid, powder coating, pre-heating the water to deal with dry acid.
The food industry: Drying for processed food such as cookies, egg rolls, snow rice cakes, shredded squid, fish sauce, ham etc; Tea processing and baking. Bake ceramic mold industry, the health and embryos, the surface drying of glazed ceramic tiles.

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