Dust Filter

Our filters are specially designed for non-conductive and efficient filtration result. Every product is shaped with enduring structure metal frame which can provide durable quality and completely suitable for Powder Coating application. Paper Filters (Combined of 80% cellulose and 20% Poly) and PE/PTFE Filters with the available sizes: 320 x 600mm and 320 x 900mm.

Product specification:

MERV Rating (ASHRAE 52.2 2007) MERV 16
Weight: 260 g/m2
Thickness 0.026″
Air. permeability 4 CFM
Mullen Strength – Dry Min 200 PSI
Max. Continuous Operating Temp 275°F
Initial Efficiency
Merv Test Results Standard Flat Sheet

E1: 99.99%
E2: 100%

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