Within the effort of organizing our color data neatly and professionally as well as keeping track of every production batch in our quality standards, we build our product coding structure as easy as possible for both inner extract and customer configuration. The description below indicates the structure of MAX’s color codes where customers can easily identify Finishing effect, Colors as well as Chemistry system within our product range.

Color and serial number

Color group Chemistry system Surface appearance
0 White P Pure Polyester TGIC/HAA – Exterior A Smooth finish, gloss range at 600C 81 ~ 100%)
1 Black M Epoxy – Polyester (Hybrid) Powder – Interior B Smooth finish, gloss range at 600C 41 ~ 80%)
2 Red E Pure Epoxy Powder F Smooth finish, gloss range at 600C 16 ~ 40%)
3 Orange S Super durable Powder

(10 years guaranteed)

X Smooth finish, gloss range at 600C 5 ~ 15%)
4 Yellow PU Polyurethane Powder H Hammertone (Hammertone finish)
5 Blue PV Sublimation Powder T Texture (Texture finish)
6 Green MF Customized Powder W Wrinkle (Wrinkle finish)
7 Cream S Silver tone
(Silver tone finish)
8 Metalic (Metal like)
9 Grey
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