Q. Why chosing Powder Coating?

A. Powder coating provides extremely durable, high quality and variety choices of colours and finishing effect coating on one hand, while on the other hand, it is the most advantaged coating technology today since no VOC’s are emitted during the whole application process. Most of all, powder coating is widely chosen because of its very cost effective when almost 99% of powder can be used and recycled.

Q. What types of coatings are available?

A. There are wide variety range of finishing including High gloss smooth finish, Semi gloss, Matt, Dead Matt smooth finish, Textures, Wrinkle, Hammertone, Silvertone and different systems like Hybrid, Polyester, Urethane, Acrylic. Powder coating can be applied both indoor and outdoor as well.

Q. What colours are available?

A. End users can find thousands of colours available depending on every specific need including RAL standards, Clear coating, Fluorescent, Silver, Bronze etc.

Q. Can MAX Powder coating make a specific color for my project?

A. We offers custom color match service free of charge to our current and potential customers. We can match nearly every conceivable color. Whether your color is an RGB, pantone or RAL value, a wet paint, or even a piece of cut off metal we can provide an accurate match. Please note, all colors indicated on our color book are for reference only and can be vary under acceptable ΔE value.

Q. Need more info?

A. We would love to help you with your powder coating questions and of course we look forward to doing business with you. Let us know how we can help you. Send us your questions or other comments to cs@powdercoating.vn or call us at +849

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