American Architectural Manufacturers Association, (known as AAMA) has authored a myriad of voluntary specifications, that include testing and performance requirements, for many components of the architectural manufacturing industry, for coatings there are only three AAMA specifications to be familiar with: AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, AAMA 2605

AAMA 2603 – The coatings that meet and exceed the performance requirements of this specification are known as a Standard Polyester coating. This type of powder coating is typically used on interior applications. The coatings don’t encounter harsh weathering or corrosive environments in most interiors.

AAMA 2604 – The powder coatings meeting and exceeding this specification are popularly known as Super Durable Polyester powders (View our S-series). Despite the five year weathering requirement listed by AAMA (see below), on aluminum these coatings often come with a ten year warranty as we know they will hold to the same performance parameters for double the length of time required by AAMA.

AAMA 2605 – They are the highest performing architectural coatings available. In many hues, 100% Fluoropolymers are often granted a 20 year warranty for color and gloss on aluminum. Exterior applications such as façade and windows & doors. Stadiums, monumental buildings, and high-value residences all benefit from the protective and decorative qualities of these awesome coatings.

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